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My Background

I am a lifelong, life-wide learner, media-explorer, technology scout, scholar, researcher, occasional pioneer, who has infinite curiosity. I love to read! I am also an educator committed to inclusivity and accessibility. I want to contribute to building smart, enabled communities.

Here is a .pdf of my curriculum vitae BTruman-CV-2018.

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Most of my career has been invested into higher education within the United States. As a scientist, I would like to find new ways to bridge international collaborations to solve wicked problems such as security, climate science, and educational access.

As a Web pioneer, I helped create the University of Central Florida’s first fully online course with Dr. Steven Sorg when I completed my masters in Instructional Systems Design. Soon after, I was hired to help UCF go online to meet its growth needs and became a founding mother of online learning.

While a faculty development program (IDL6543) was supposed to be my focus, it was necessary to build an unplanned, fairly large production department. I founded Course Development & Web Services was reorganized and merged in July 2009 due to budget cuts of 49%. UCF grew to 60,000+ students. It was an extraordinary experience to have an instructional and information technology mission.

In January 2013, I chose to take a new eLearning position in industry despite being in the middle of a doctoral program. My colleagues at UCF produced a heart-warming video tribute for my service. Special thanks to Aaron Hose, Tim Reid, and Miles Johnson for telling my story as “A Life’s Work”

Many people dream of earning a doctorate degree. In 2001, I was close to beginning a dissertation in an Ed.D program at UCF, when illness struck preventing me from finishing my degree.

Finally, in December 2013, I completed my degree from Colorado Technical University in Computer Science, Emerging Media. In of March 2014, I founded a non-profit corporation and in May 2014, I began work at the Institute for Simulation & Training at UCF as a strategic advisor for immersive learning and collaboration.

My research interests involve Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and include identity-cultivation, cross-cultural communication, and collaboration using virtual reality and digital game-based learning. I also study authentic assessment, ePortfolios, simulation, social constructivism, and appreciative inquiry. As a transdisciplinarian, I am also interested in the technology platforms, integration, and security. Someday I will be involved in building engaging games for STEM that span across middle, high-school, college, and beyond. I dream of cross-generational learning opportunities for family- and community-based learning.

Here is a favorite quote:

One must not always think so much about what one should do, but rather what one should be. Our works do not ennoble us; but we must ennoble our works.

Meister Eckhart (1260-1328) Work and Being

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