Becoming Delightful

My first virtual world avatar’s name became Delightful Doowangle. It is a play on alliteration and does not have a deep philosophical undertone. Little did I know how much the embodied experience of obtaining avatar attachment would have on my life.

Immersive learning environments are rich venues to explore identity, intimacy of the mind, and kindred spirits. Having an avatar identity can have real life benefits. This space is where that story emerges for me…

Often I am heard admonishing others to “Get Thee an Avatar” as I believe it is critical to understand what it means to become empowered for designing self. Now that my dissertation and doctoral degree are complete, I can accelerate my journey of self-actualization. The research continues. The inquiry into imagination has only begun.

Most people who have worked with me know that I believe work is the organized results of play. I am often observed by my family as working, but frequently I am playing with ideas. Becoming Delightful is the name of a book I would like to write about the experience of transforming identity to pursue the Art-of-the-Possible.



Trailblazing Collaboration with the FCVW15

My life has been enriched so much every day through participating in online communities in immersive virtual environments where I learn so much from people around the world. Whether the group is K12-focused like ISTE in Second Life or military-oriented like MOSES, I try to attend as much as possible. Immersive conferences is a powerful way to catalyze collaboration.

OpenSim is a platform that has been used for Community Conferences and for a federally-oriented, professional development event. The Federal Consortium of Virtual Worlds (FCVW) workshop held in March 2015 was the fully online redux of a face to face conference that used to be held at National Defense University in the DC area.

Previously, I had participated in FCVW events through the auspices of the virtual world, Second Life where it was possible to hear and see the streamed f2f presentations.

For 2015, the Federal Consortium of Virtual Worlds (FCVW) event was only available online following two successful conferences held by the OpenSimulator community. I co-chaired the Security, Privacy, and Identity track for the FCVW15 and also made a presentation in the metacognition track. The purple image below represents the environment that was made for the Metacognition track. About 200 avatars participated on March 6-7, 2015. The Army Research Lab created a video showcasing video highlights.

Modern 3D amphitheatre in the shape of a giant viking ship lit with puple hues

The opportunity to create a region for the FCVW workshop helped launch my research into cybersecurity and the Internet of Things. Now, I am investigating and tinkering into how the IoT can be integrated into virtual environments. This tinkering is a family affair. My grandchildren have their own virtual world regions on the Kitely grid.

The MOSES Project even contracted to have the UCF Partnership Buildings scanned so that rapid content creation could be demonstrated. A machinima was made to illustrate the process and I participated as an avatar. The Partnership Buildings content is available as a Creative Commons licensed online archive file (OAR) via the MOSES web site.

I have a copy of the Partnership Building on the Kitely grid where my grandson participates. The image below shows us on the region practicing the new heart gesture that Joy Aboma made. We are also wearing our #Orlando United shirts Joey made. The shirts are available at no cost on the Second Live Marketplace and on the hypergrid-enabled, Avacon OpenSim grid in the Community Region.

Orlando United Heart gesture



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