Rumblings of Discovery mean Time to Retool

July 2018- It’s been over seven years since the dynamic duo of Stricker and Calongne (aka Spinoza Quinnell and Lyr Lobo) won the $25,000 first prize of the Federal Virtual Challenge for the Mars Expedition. The duo has expanded with new recruits. Training preparation is underway¬†to host a colony on Mars. The colony requires advanced botany using hydroponics on the space station and surface of Mars. Rumors of a major discovery cannot be confirmed. The science needs verifying. Skills must be practiced. Weekly meetings are held in Virtual Harmony either salon-style in Loire or in zero-G in space. Stay tuned for future updates to learn how you can participate.

Comic of avatar Delightful thinking about preparing for 2018 Mars Expedition

Delightful meditates in Second Life about jumping to OpenSim for the 2018 Mars Expedition

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