What’s Your World View?¬†

As a young US Air Force spouse, I was impressed with the notion of duty, honor, and service to country.

When people serve voluntarily and whole heartedly, they are at their best. Frequently, we use our strengths when we are engaged in things we believe and are on purpose.

In 2014, I learned how to create a non-profit company that I incorporated in the State of Florida.

Fusion Unlimited Networks Research Iconic TreeThe company, Fusion Unlimited Networks Research Inc. (FUNr)¬†represents my goal to give back to society for the investments that have been made in me by my family, friends, neighbors, and the government. The company’s focus is on building “netizenship” by combining the best of local and global communities. FUNr, is a work in progress and I am looking for guidance to create a robust intellectual property policy. Such a policy is needed in order to honor the contributors who create all the components of virtual world environment so that attributions are assured.

The video Science of Character helped shape my thinking to create FUNr.

The Air University is researching how to incorporate the VIA Signature Strengths into its online AU Metaverse, which is a hypergrid -enabled environment.

The image below shows some of the team-based games available of the AU Metaverse grid.
Air University Metaverse signature strengths game region


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